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Concerto For 13 Voices (2004)

90min   |  French with subtitles  |  Ahmed El Maânouni

In June 1995, at the initiative of the Consistory in the beautiful synagogue of Tournelles in Paris, an exceptional concert by Hazanout (Jewish liturgical music) brought together for the first time the greatest Hazanim (cantors): Adolphe Attia, Philippe Darmon, Léon Cohen, Yeoucha Danow, Haïm Soudry, Malkiel Benamara, Mevorah Zerbib, David Mechach, Maurice Abourmat, Benjamin Dahan, Nissi Bouzaglo, Adolphe Zerbib and Gérard Hababou.

Chants pour un Shabbat
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