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On OHRA Productions

In July 1973 , the company SOGEAV (Company of Management and AudioVisual Studies) was created by Louis Malle, for NEF, Claude Nedjar and Izza Génini with a view to operating the private screening room Le Club 70 , located in Paris .


Within SOGEAV, Izza Génini undertakes the distribution and international export of feature films, mainly Moroccan and African ( Thousand and One Hands, Blood Wedding, Alyam alyam, Mer cruelle, Rue case negres, Bob Marley- Exodus , Reggae sunsplash ...)  


By increasing its capital, SOGEAV undertakes the production and theatrical distribution of feature films such as  Trances by Ahmed El Maanouni (recently restored by the Martin Scorsese foundation),  Hadda by Mohammed Aboulouakar, Kiss by Tosca by Daniel Schmid, Ablakon by Roger M'Bala….


From 1987 to date, SOGEAV now acting under the name of OHRA , produces and co-produces with the main French television channels a whole collection of documentary films essentially devoted to Moroccan culture, all made

by Izza Génini. 

The series " Morocco Body and saoul", and all the other films in the collection are recognized and rewarded through countless festivals and other international events. 

Various video re-editions and various subtitled versions are the subject of numerous retrospectives and MasterClasses around the world.

Ohra Productions
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